When to Plant Knockout Roses

knockout rose

Knockout Roses are a less susceptible to diseases variety of roses, bred by William Radler. you can successfully plant them in the U.S. in zones 5 through 11.

The best time to start planting Knockout Roses is in the fall or in the early spring.

You can grow knock out roses in either pots, or in garden beds. Avoid planting knock out roses in frozen ground.

Knockout Roses reach a maturity three years after planting. You should avoid pruning knock out roses during the first three years of growth, because this may reduce the size of the plant after maturing.

Try to plant knockout roses at the same depth it was growing in the nursery container, this well help reduce the stress on the stem and root system.

When planting set the bare root so that roots are spread over a mound of soil and try covering them thoroughly.